10 Best Domain Name Generators (2020)

A domain name plays a significant role in running a website and an online store.

Whether it is for technical or marketing purposes, having the best domain for your business page is crucial for good reasons. And among them is to maintain your presence digitally, as well as to attract potential customers. 

Coming up with a domain name that suits your brand and, at the same time, is unique and catchy is no easy feat, however. Let’s not also forget the fact that hundreds of websites offer the same products and services as you, making it more difficult to generate a domain that isn’t taken yet.

On a good note, there are existing tools called “domain name generators.” Such tools were developed to help aspiring entrepreneurs like you come up with a good domain name. 

What are Domain Generators?

As its name suggests, domain name generators are web application tools that let you generate domain name samples. Essentially, it works through scanning registered domain names in real-time via Artificial Intelligence (AI) and, in return, suggests a list of different combinations of domain names inspired by the keyword you inputted.

In essence, it makes the task of creating a domain name less daunting and quick by providing lists of samples that you can use or get inspiration from. 

Moreover, domain generators are free. So, you won’t need to shell a few bucks to use one. 

10 Best Domain Name Generators 

The question “which domain generator is the best?” has probably been bugging you since the very beginning of this article. I won’t blame you because as of today, there are more than 20 domain name generators available (and free) that you can use.

And while all of them serve the same purpose, the thing here is that not all perform well. Surely, there are a few that can give better domain samples compared to what other generators can provide. 

As such, in this section, I round up the 10 best domain name generators for beginners like you to use.

  1. Domain.com. One of the well-known web name generators today, Domain.com is an all-in-one domain name registrar that comes with a built-in (free) domain name generator. Essentially, it works like how other domain name generators work. Its AI-generated list of domain names provides generic to premium ones that, of course, match the keyword you suggested.

    But if there is one remarkable feature that I noticed about Domain.com, I believe it is its built-in web application called “WHOIS Lookup.” The app lets you search the owner of an already registered domain name, which I find handy in case your preferred name is already taken, and you want to negotiate and buy it from the current owner.

    The app also enables you to know whether a domain is taken as well as the date of the expiration.
  1. Domain Wheel. Next on the list is the Domain Wheel. But unlike Domain.com and other domain name registrars, this one is a standalone app. It means it is used solely for generating domain names only.

    That being said, its AI works the same as most other generators available today. It provides a list of domain names based on your inputted keyword. It gives similar suggestions, sounds like, or a combination.

Aside from that, it also lets you know whether a domain name is already taken or not. It checks all web names across all TLDs as well. And if, say, you found a good one, it will help you get the said domain name registered by suggesting a domain name registrar.

  1. Network Solutions. A great alternative to GoDaddy.com, Network Solutions is an all-in-one domain name registrar with over 7 million registered website names under it. It comes with a domain name generator tool that, just like the others, gives a list of domain name ideas that you can use. 

Moreover, depending on the keyword you will enter on the search bar, the Network Solutions’ algorithm will give you matching domain names that are available to register. It provides available domain names across popular TLD, as well as other types of domain extensions including .biz, .us, and .net.

But what caught my attention is that it has a feature wherein you can also search for premium domain names that are for sale. And if you found the one you like, you right away buy it through Network Solutions rather than contacting the owner directly. 

Quick and easy as that.

  1. Shopify Business Name Generator. You probably heard about Shopify already. And yes, it is a web application tool that enables aspiring digital entrepreneurs to create and launch an online store. 

And because of that, it also offers a Business Name Generator wherein you can get a list of domain name suggestions for free. The tool works the same as most generators available today. However, if the domain name is for an online shop, then it is best to use Shopify’s instead of another.

  1. Name Mesh. Another beginner-friendly domain generator tool is Name Mesh. But unlike a typical web name generator, this one allows you to enter two-three keywords. And based on the said terms, Name Mesh will then give you suggestions that match them. 

Apart from that, its generated domain names are often combined with suffixes—something that other web apps can’t offer. Name Mesh also checks all available domain names across common top-level domain names (TLDs) such as .com, .org, and .net.

  1. Lean Domain Research. Another business name generator, Lean Domain Research is dubbed for being one of the most credible methods when it comes to providing fresh and unique domain names.

That being said, its algorithm works just like how other web name generators work. Simply enter a word or words and it will provide you relevant and unregistered domain names that you can purchase. It then filters out names by popularity, length, and alphabet order. 

Furthermore, it checks all domains across all popular (and even not-so-popular) TLDs and lets you know whether it is available or is owned. You can search your search results for others as well if needed. 

  1. IsItWP. Another standalone domain name generator tool, IsItWP is known for its quick and instant results. Simply type a word or words in the search bar and it will right away give you results. 

The tool lets you check all available domain names across popular TLDs as well. It will also notify you whether a domain name is available for purchase or is already taken.

  1. BlogTyrant. BlogTyrant is a tool developed specifically for aspiring bloggers. It works the same as other domain generators, but it provides results that are more fitting for blog names compared to business names.
  1. Panabee. Another great domain generator is Panabee. It is a web app that—compared to its peers—is functional yet visually attractive. It can give suggestions based on two keywords as well, which means you can have more domain name combinations compared to what other generators can yield.

    But there’s more to that. Panabee has another handy feature wherein you can search and check usernames across all social media, including Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook. The tool lets you check Google Play and Apple Store for domain availability.
  1.  NameBoy. Last but not least is NameBoy. It is a free standalone app that gives a list of domain name suggestions based not only on one but two words. It provides a chart of web names that are taken and those that are available for purchase, too.

All in all, it works almost the same as other web name generators today. 

How to Pick the Best Domain Registrar

Now that you have a list of the best domain name generators today, let’s talk about the next step: domain name registration.

Getting your chosen domain name registered will require you to choose a “domain name registrar.” If you are not aware of what it is, a domain name registrar is a business that sells and manages domain names. You have to purchase a “domain extension” along with your preferred web page name in order to digitally trademark it. 

Such a process is simple. But the problem is that there are several domain registrars today, and all of their claims are to be the best. As a result, many aspiring web owners and entrepreneurs are having a difficult time assessing which DNS is the right platform for their business.

Having said that, here are a few things to consider helping you pick the right domain name registrar for your biz, as well as for you. 

·         Check the price. While investing in “premium domain registrars,” reliable does not mean expensive. As a starter, the first thing you should take into consideration is the price or overall expense you will allot on purchasing (as well as maintaining) a domain name.

It is because some domain registrars, although they all serve the same job and features, often charge their customers with high and unreasonable prices.

As such, it is best to check and compare the prices of all domain registrars you are eyeing. Some, for example, offer cheap upfront prices for a couple of months or a year(s) then will charge you 3 to 5x higher upon renewal.

Some companies offer cheaper domain names if you avail longer subscription period, too. Some also come with hidden or extra charges such as renewal fees and domain transfer fees.

·         User experience. The user interface is crucial for a domain registrar especially for beginners like you. It should not be overly complicated that navigating the app feels like a daunting task. Unfortunately, some companies disregard such facts and do the exact opposite.

For whatever reason they make things complicated, it is now in your own volition to check and assess whether a domain registrar has a user-friendly interface. For instance, it should, at least, have an instant domain search bar.

Not only does it make things easy on your end (in terms of navigating the app), but it also saves you time figuring out how the application works.

·         Free WHOIS tool protection. This one might be unpopular, but it would be handy if the domain registrar comes with a built-in WHOIS protection tool. It is a feature that allows you to keep your domain name data—as well as your personal information—private.

If you remember, I mentioned a couple of domain name generators that allow you to look up basic personal information of a specific web name’s owner. It is a useful tool for those who are about to launch a webpage, but not for those who want to keep their details private. 

That said, if you are like the said type of person, then I recommend using a domain name registrar with said protection tool.

·         Customer support. Lastly, you must consider the system of customer support, too. Essentially, all domain name registrars come with free, 24/7 customer service. It is a given feature since it is an extremely important area in terms of running a business.

But the thing is, not all companies give reliable and responsive customer representatives. 

As such, look for a domain registrar with the utmost customer support. For example, seek out companies with technical support. It is very important, particularly that you are about to run and manage an online store and technical problems are inevitable. And it would be a hassle—and at the same time, a loss of profit—if you cannot immediately fix your page. 

Apart from that, look for customer support with a comprehensive knowledge base as well. It should include all means of contact too, including chat, email, phone call, and via a ticket.

The Verdict

A domain name is a crucial aspect in running a website, whether it be a business or personal page. It is why coming up with a good and fitting web name is not just important but a must. 

Thankfully, domain name generators exist to help you. By providing lists of potential domain names, it could give ideas that meet the requirements of your business and brand that is unique, simple, yet memorable.

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