HelloMy name is Eddie Machado. I'm a User Experience Designer with a love for clean, usable interfaces and semantic, scalable markup. I've been doing Front-End Development since 1997 and have a knack for simple, elegant designs. My focus is creating memorable experiences that work elegantly across any device. I'm looking for big and bold opportunities that will make this year better than the last, so if you've got something fun and exciting Get in Touch!

Eddie Machado

Photo courtesy of @iamashley via Handheld Conference

My Eclectic Experience

I've had the luxury of working tons of different kinds of jobs. I say luxury, because I firmly believe all that hard work and curiosity made me the person I am today. I'm able to see things from different perspectives and I'm not afraid to get in there and do the dirty work. Here's some information on a few of my most memorable experiences.

Teaching & Learning to Listen
Working in the Public School System for 6 years gave me a ton of perspective. It taught me how to break things down to their most simple element and how everyone learns and interacts in a very different way. What worked for one child, didn't work for the next. Working with hungry minds really taught me to listen and "un-complicate things" whenever possible.
Broadcasting to the masses
I love music, it drives my creativity. Working in radio seemed like a natural progression for me. I was part of a young team on one of only 5 Dance Music station in the United States. I grew from an intern to a full-time employee in just a couple weeks. We broadcasted from massive events such as the Winter Music Conference and the Dance Music Awards. I then took my talents to Online Podcasting Networks where I excelled as a Program Director. I managed a growing podcasting network for over 2 years, improving listener numbers and advertisers during my time there. We broadcast from huge trade shows such as the Direct Marketer's Association and Search Marketing Expo.
SEO, Analytics, and Selling Startups
During my time working with one of the most successful Internet Marketers in the business, I had the opportunity to be a part of several product launches. It was my first time being part of a product from inception to launch. We did a ton of A/B Testing, poured through droves of analytics, and maximized the efficiency of our sales copy. Over the course of 2 years, we launched 3 successful web applications and sold two of them. It was an incredibly busy and invigorating two years.
Birth of a Studio
After our last sale I decided I wanted to explore the world. I packed up and travelled through Central and South America. I finally settled in Panama City, Panama where I created a tiny design studio focused on delivering world class experiences on the web. I managed and mentored a group of young developers and designers while working with our steady client base. During that time, I had the luxury of speaking at a few small conferences and meetups. We worked with huge brands like Mac Observer, Blue Glass, and theCHIVE just to name a few.

Artwork commissioned by @meldraws

Bones: The WordPress Theme for Developers
After building many sites quickly and being frustrated with the process, I created Bones to help speed things up. After posting it on Github, Bones garnered a bunch of attention and was featured on sites like Mashable, Smashing Magazine, and Lifehacker.
iOS, Animations, and Android
I'd worked with killer startups in both design & development roles and was hungry to get back into it. I moved to Los Angeles and joined a small team in Venice to build Tapiture, a visual discovery platform. My focus was removing the clutter and wasted space from common UI patterns and bring the focus to the content. I designed and built our platform, designed and built our e-commerce platform, and designed our iOS and Android applications.
Product, Mobile, and Austin BBQ
Moving to Austin, TX to work with Resignation Media on their network of sites was a nice change of pace. I'm currently working to improve both the UX and Performance of many of their largest properties. Using a Mobile First approach, we're trying to solve the issues many publishers have with monitizing mobile traffic while maintaining the speed and experience users demand. Oh, I've also gained about 10lbs in just briskett alone.