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HelloMy name is Eddie Machado. I'm a User Experience Designer with a love for clean, usable interfaces and semantic, scalable markup. My focus is creating memorable experiences that work elegantly across any device. I'm looking for big and bold opportunities that will make this year better than the last, so if you've got something fun and exciting, Get in Touch!

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Here's what I've been working on recently...

Redesigning without a Redesign

With an average of 35 million pageviews a month, making changes to theCHIVE was going to have to be done with a lot of research. When working with the team, we established a familiar but more modern look by using content cards to display posts. Using cards, we fleshed out a new design that worked well accross all devices. Developing an A/B Testing strategy was also crucial to the ongoing success of their redesign.

In creating content cards, we wanted to give advertisers a unique voice in order to help them reach users without being intrusive.

Performance Matters

When working with sites that use a ton of assets and work with resource heavy advertisements, it's important to keep an eye on performance. After several performance audits, we were able to cut load times in half and isolate problem networks and third-party partners. Performance is something that's always ongoing, but we were able to make it a part of the conversation.

Using big feature photos in unique ways was a way to draw attention to new pieces of content.
Using a consistent content card accross the site helped create a cohesive UX no matter where you checked the site out.
theCHIVE wanted a very visual experience where the user could easily browse all the vivid photography on the site.
A content-first approach always ensures the content shines as soon as the user opens the app. Simplicity is key.
In creating content cards, we wanted to give advertisers a unique voice in order to help them reach users without being intrusive.
Simple cards helped keep the focus on the content without a distracting UI.

Working with a Growing Audience

Working to rebrand & redesign the berry, we had a lot of work to do. The first thing we studied was how differently women & men consume content. In our tests, a layout that was easier to browse quickly did extremely well. We conducted user research & created User Personas and came up with a unique experience that increased engagement & revenue.

We developed User Personas for the berry to better understand our audience and tie together the entire experience.
We went with a grid like UI on Desktop & Tablet views to promote the browsing habits we noticed in our research.

Creating an endless stream of Fun

As the Design Lead at Tapiture, a visual discovery platform, my focus was removing the clutter and wasted space from common UI patterns and bring the focus to the content. We integrated E-Commerce using Shopify and created iOS & Android apps to tie everything together. Tapiture was aquired by Playboy in 2015.

We used skeleton screens and pseudo progress bars to make loading times appear quicker

Photo courtesy of @iamashley via Handheld Conference

Speaking Engagements

Contributing to the web community is incredibly important to me. This is why I love speaking at meet-ups, conferences, and other events. In the past I've spoken at the wonderful Handheld Conference, local Sass & WordPress meet-ups, and attended many, many others.

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Artwork commissioned by @meldraws

Bones: The WordPress Theme for Developers

After building many sites quickly and being frustrated with the process, I created Bones to help speed things up. After posting it on Github, Bones garnered a bunch of attention and was featured on sites like Mashable, Smashing Magazine, and Lifehacker.

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